Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ready for Summer 2013?

Ready for Summer 2013? I hope you didn't buy any of the 2012 apocalypse scare. It was absolutely the perfect excuse to load up on all the lechons, hams and cheese on the Noche Buena table. It's the end of the world, right? NOT! I'm sorry that excuse didn't work well with me either. Time to shed out the holiday fats and get beach-ready! I know this body is nowhere beach-worthy, but whatever skin I can't show off, I compensate by confidence, right? LOL I do miss Boracay, getting drunk with my husband and forgetting for a few short days our double-life as James Bond and the beautiful Chinese gangster Severine. :)

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  1. When it's summer, the only destination I can think of is, of course, none other than Boracay beach. It will always be the best summer destination, right?


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